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If you are going to use elements from the prime reality, at least get the elements right. Khan was a Sikh. He governed a region of territory in either Africa or Asia. Instead, we get a Caucasian. This s**t was tolerable in the past; it's less so now. And, now, if the info is correct, we have another date point for the Eugenics War, these wars occurred in the 1950s. (300 years before 2259.)
I'll just roll with it like the way Klingons went from their TOS appearance to their TMP appearance with no explanations. They had always looked that way. In my mind I'll just pretend Kahn always looked like Cumberbatch. Of course, the Klingon appearance got a retcon and maybe nuKahn will too someday. Until then I won't lose sleep over it.
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