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When Enterprise first aired, wasn't everyone complaining that the NX-01 and it's bridge looked too advanced to be 90 years before TOS, considering the technology used in TOS had knobs and buttons and stuff. As I recall it was a big uproar amongst the die hard TOS fans.

Unless you wanted gears, pulleys and levers on ENT I don't see how there's any foundation to complain. TOS was made in the 60's. The perception of the future has changed from then to now. Heck TNG looks dated as all heck as my cell phone has more advanced features than them at times.

I really had no issues with Enterprise's set. It was advanced looking at the time. Their engine room especially looked nice. A big scary piece of equipment you're not quite sure what it does and all. They could've been more clever with the names. More than polarize the hull(shields), phase pistols(phasers), photonic torpedos(photon torpedoes) to be sure though.
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