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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

Don continues to identify ways in which to sink ever further down the food chain. Not only does he show up at Megan's job and have the nerve to get mad at her for doing it, he confronts her and makes her feel guilty about faking doing what he actually is doing in real life -- to her. He has officially become the stuff upon which pond scum lies.

I don't know why, but the doctor for some reason, strikes me as the type who might resort to violence if he finds out about Don and his wife. I am not looking forward to seeing what happens when Megan finds out, though maybe she won't find out about this one.

So Don is against the war. I guess this is because of his experience in Korea. But back in the 60's, even vets were mostly for the war so this seems a bit unusual for Don. It also places him in bed (so to speak) with a gaggle of folk he would not like to be seen with publicly. The characeter has evolved at least in some areas, so perhaps this is a continuation of his journey.

I couldn't believe Joan made out with the dweeb at the club. Who was her (girl) friend? I don't remember her.

I loved (bearded creative dude) giving Peggy the finger in the coffee shop. Peggy sitting there with that grin plastered on her face -- funny.

I was confused by who got the account, also.When Ken(?) said "bought it in the room" or whatever, I thought it was his company. But then he and Peggy weren't acting like they were happy.
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