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Re: Your own personal continuity

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Accelerated genetic growth, perhaps? Khan and the other supermen were full adults by the time of the Eugenics Wars although they were chronologically not that old.

Would explain Khan's occasional temper tantrums too...
I didn't say she created the Augments... just that she played a major part in the war. It's just my way of reconciling the fiction with the fact.
I didn't say she created the Augments either.
No, but BillJ stated he didn't understand how Gillian could fit a role in the Eugenics Wars since Khan and Co. were already young adults by 1986. What about Khan's age in 1986 affects Gillian involvement/lack of involvement with the Eugenics Wars?

I gather that the point being made is Gillian's presence influenced or affected the Eugenics Wars in some fashion (shades of Edith Keeler). When Kirk took Gillian back to the 23rd Century, he altered history.

Speaking of the Eugenics Wars... I don't see from the context of the episodes how the Eugenics Wars could have been fought covertly (sorry Mr. Cox). Just because a portion of the United States (as seen in Voyager) was unscratched doesn't in itself imply the Eugenics Wars were covert. WWI and WWII did not leave a mark on the North American landscape either, yet they were pretty overt. I see the Eugenics Wars as suped-up versions of the Ethnic Cleansing we saw in Bosnia and Rwanda back in the 90s. But hey, that's my personal continuity.
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