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if the spoilers are to be believed, STID will definitely connect with Trek lore so I guess the fans who've complained that it is too "action movie" and will not "feel" like Trek should have nothing to worry about.
The fans who enjoy complaining will still complain.
Personally, I would really, really love to like this movie, but the reviews sound as if the creators have once again confused "story that includes fan wank" with "telling a good Star Trek story". It's not even that I mind fan wank - when done well it can be very enjoyable. But when the story has to be tortured to fit it in (cough*nuKirk runs into Spock Prime on random ice planet*cough), I'd rather do without it.

And I'd much, much rather the writers simply try to tell a good Star Trek story and forget old univers/ new universe connections. Lord, how I wish they had just done a total reboot and gone after the spirit of Star Trek rather than using time travel and AUs. Needlessly complicated, continuity-hound pandering just gets in the way of good storytelling, as the first movie painfully demonstrates.

The fans who say, "JJ, take me on an adventure!" will have fun!
I have little doubt the film will be as fun, and as dumb, as the first Abrams film was. I don't think looking for fun and at least minimally smart is too much to ask. I'd settle for fun sans plotholes big enough to fly a starship through, but it doesn't sound like I'm going to get it.

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A museum in Los Angeles was supposed to fill in for a famous "Star Trek" location. Can anyone say what that location was?
I tried looking all over for it, but it's not listed on any of the official locations, although they do list "Los Angeles" in addition to things that are already in LA. So, either they changed their mind and didn't film there since 2011 (which also happened with the jungle scenes that were supposed to be filmed in Hawaii but were instead filmed in SoCal), or they forgot to list it/are keeping it secret for some reason.

If I had to take a guess, I would have to say that the Getty Center would be the most likely LA museum they'd film at.
It is the Getty Center. I don't know exactly what the in-story location is supposed to be, but in the teaser trailer it's the shot with rows of people sitting in front of a large building with the voice over "You think your world is safe."
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