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When Enterprise first aired, wasn't everyone complaining that the NX-01 and it's bridge looked too advanced to be 90 years before TOS, considering the technology used in TOS had knobs and buttons and stuff. As I recall it was a big uproar amongst the die hard TOS fans.

I don't think there was quite that big of an uproar about the bridge and its knobs and buttons. I think a number of people had commented that the back area of it could have been closed off as a separate room and asked why did Archer have a ready room when Kirk didn't (the general feeling being that the producers were just used to having one on TNG, DS9*, and VOY, IIRC).

I do recall that some thought the bridge displays were more overdone than anything else, but by the fourth season not only were they more toned down but had adopted a color scheme closer to that of TOS.

*Technically, a ready room is just a captain's office and Sisko did have one on Deep Space Nine, even if it wasn't called that.
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