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Re: They let me go....

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Sounds like you didn't see it coming?
Nope, I didn't hear that train at all. With some others it was easy to see the train coming before it hit, but in thirteen years I've never really feared for my job. On top of which over the past few hours I've heard at least four other coworkers were also let go today.

My head is still spinning and I'm not sure what I feel as well as feeling all sorts of things. While I didn't love my job I also didn't dislike it either. I never really felt like it was a chore going to work bolstered by working with mostly good people and particularly good superiors. On those few days when I didn't feel like working it was usually because I didn't feel well or I was tired from not sleeping well, and neither were a common occurrence.

A lot of your identity can be tied up in where you work and what you do, particularly after so many years. I am feeling a bit disoriented right now.
Future shop has been doing the same in Canada in recent months with people being fired and stores being closed. Here they are tied in with Best Buy and the announcement was made in January of what was happening.

depending on the store and overall situation your GM might not be far behind you heading out the door.

Hopefully after 13 years you get a severance package of some sort and pay for long service leave etc (well if they do that in the U.S).
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