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A museum in Los Angeles was supposed to fill in for a famous "Star Trek" location. Can anyone say what that location was?
I tried looking all over for it, but it's not listed on any of the official locations, although they do list "Los Angeles" in addition to things that are already in LA. So, either they changed their mind and didn't film there since 2011 (which also happened with the jungle scenes that were supposed to be filmed in Hawaii but were instead filmed in SoCal), or they forgot to list it/are keeping it secret for some reason.

If I had to take a guess, I would have to say that the Getty Center would be the most likely LA museum they'd film at. It looks like it would fit right in in Trek, and the interior/exterior resembles some of the shots of the San Francisco foot chase with Cumberbatch and Spock.

Alternatively, it could be a new location for Starfleet Academy, which had previously filmed exterior shots at the Oviatt Library in Cal State Northridge, or a part of Starfleet HQ like the interior of the skyscrapers in the trailer.

Here's a flickrstream of shots from the Getty Center:

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PS: Whatever those spherical drones are - they heavilly remind me of Xindi. Section 31 would probably not hesitate to use tech outlawed by treaties and such...
In the third trailer, they appear to be some sort of weapon, but not like a torpedo. Mines, perhaps?

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