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Re: Michael Okuda: Buy TNG Blu-ray sets to get DS9 on Blu-ray!

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Macod wrote:
I'm waiting for the complete box set to come out. Now if they had done something special with the packaging like steelbook or something similar it might be a different story.
They have gone through and re-dited the episodes from scratch, replaced and effects that weren't possible in HD, and gave it a remastering that normally only companies like Criterion do, not to mention the special features like the cast reunion. That blows anything special they can do with the packaging like steelbooks out of the water, this isn't an upconvert or a DVD rip we're talking about.
If you note the first thing I said. I'm waiting for the complete set to come out. The complete set has a good chance of being chepaer overall than buying the individual sets. As I said doing something speical with the individual sets like steelbooks would no doubt have enticed me to buy the what is likely to be dearer overall individual sets. So they might have lost money.

Remember for the DVD releases they came in hard plastic shells.
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