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(...) looking forward to this movie. They are coming to the fandom without preconceived notions.
I loved Trek ever since I can remember, which now will be some 25 years (I'm 33). Watched pretty much everything so far (just some few eps of TOS left) and never had trouble embracing this new Star Trek. After seeing the opening Kelvin sequence of the '09 movie I was sold

I'm pretty much capable of enjoying old and new, without thinking the classic has been desacred; in fact it's still there, being cared of, remastered with love and care, like a classic car that's there to be admired on shows and exhibition for what it is - a classic. Noone's doing it any harm. The new one is a race car that's meant to be driven on the other hand, and from what I've seen in the '09 movie and already read about the new one it's a hell of a ride
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