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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Currently reading:
Kahless by Michael Jan Friedman
How do you find it so far?

I loved it for the Heroic Age stuff (was reading Beowulf in parallel) and descended upon The Left Hand of Destiny afterwards.

TLHD was epic and I enjoyed both action and characterisation (including new characters like Pharh) though I was disappointed somewhat that there was no reference to the revelation of Kahless.
Well, as of today, I am a little shy of halfway through the book (which I have never read before), but I'm quite enjoying it so far. The Heroic Age sections are definitely more interesting than the "Modern Age" sections, which to me, so far, seem to be yet another version of the "Picard and Worf have to team up to save the Klingon Empire from itself" scenario which has been done a little too often for my taste. That having been said, I do reserve the right to change my mind as I get further in

It's definitely an improvement over the previous Friedman novel I read, Crossover - I found that one to be just a bit disappointing.
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