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Re: Moviefone has another clip from STID up! (Clip #2)

A jerk? He's the linchpin upon which the entire rebooted franchise depends. Cupcake's relationship with Kirk mirrors that of fans. Those who reject the new vision vs. those who accept it. Inevitably, as Kirk rises in authority, so, too must Cupcake relent and accept his role -- but he doesn't sacrifice his skepticism.

Without Cupcake, the whole meta-statement collapses!

In all seriousness, though, I think this will be my last post in this little group of threads for a few weeks. It's just too tempting to click on some of the links promising spoilers and I know I'll learn something I'd rather see on the big screen in May. I hope you all miss me as much as I'll miss you!
Twinkies are back. I knew they couldn't stay away from me for long.
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