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Re: Did TNG ever use the TFF Bridge Set?

I've been tracing the re-uses and modifications of the various TOS movies and TNG sets for the episode observations articles at EAS. As far as I have found out, the original Enterprise bridge set from the first four films was re-used in the first three seasons of TNG as follows:

USS Enterprise-D battle bridge ("Encounter at Farpoint")
USS Stargazer bridge ("The battle")
USS Enterprise-D battle bridge ("The arsenal of freedom")
USS Lantree bridge ("Unnatural selection")
Starbase 173 courtroom ("The measure of a man")
Geophysical lab ("Pen pals")
Starbase 515 surgical suite ("Samaritan snare")
Tactical lab ("The emissary")
USS Hathaway bridge ("Peak performance")
Drafting room 6 ("Booby trap")
Federation outpost ("The vengenace factor")
Brig ("The hunted")
Brig ("Deja Q")
USS Enterprise-C bridge ("Yesterday's Enterprise")
Cybernetics lab ("The offspring")
Brig ("The most toys")
USS Enterprise-D battle bridge ("The best of both worlds II")

The medical/science lab (sometimes redressed as stellar cartography) was finally constructed for "Transfigurations", making it no longer necessary to redress the old bridge set as various labs all the time. The set thus appeared much less often.
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