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Re: The Official "Oblivion" Review Thread

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Maybe we should try to get past the reviewers' effort to crush the movie and consider real questions instead.
I went to the theater. I bought a ticket. That's all i'm required to do in support of the movie. If I'd wanted it crushed, I wouldn't have gone.

Why does 52 leave, just to spend three years searching for the woman who was about a hundred yards away? Was this a plausible route to a satisfying happy ending, or bad plotting for a wallow in sentimentality?
Oh no...the real question is why does a VTOL aerospace craft have a tail rotor when it doesn't have a top rotor to create rotational torque?
To control yaw. The real problem is of balance, with only two engines balance would be a larger issue. Typically these types of designs at least have three similarly sized engines to form a triangle. That isn't any more correct than just having two but at least its more more balanced.
Yeah, but you can control yaw with a simple rudder, like on a Harrier or an Osprey, two VTOL aircraft that would have the same balance problems. Using a tail rotor to do it just adds more moving parts and more maintenance and repair problems.

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Who knows? Maybe if you had spent less time making lists and more time focusing on the film, you would have had a more enjoyable experience.
I said I liked the movie in my first post. Read back-thread more...

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I wondered about the tail rotor. I don't know much about the basic principles of aircraft engineering but it didn't seem quite right. Now, if I rewatch, the rotor'll ouch when I see it. I'll blame you for that. At least we agree that the visual design was not as good as it can be.
We can both blame the director for that. i think it was in one of the behind the scenes SyFy promos where i saw him say he wanted the craft to combine the best things about a certain type of helicopter and a fighter. I think he picked the wrong model chopper.
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