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From the IGN review:

That Into Darkness still has a tendency to warp its own logic is also a problem. While plot-holes can be forgiven when Abrams is hurtling his audience through space at breakneck speed, the final act descends into the sort of fan-service that throws the arbitrary nature of certain narrative decisions into much harsher relief. It's ironic that Abrams' brave attempts to appease die-hard Trekkies may prove the most problematic with his movie's audience, and once again, the finale feels undercooked and over-sweetened.

Those hoping for a more cerebral experience this time around, then, may leave disappointed. The right themes are all here - notes of friendship, family and teamwork abound - but it's all big, broad and digestible with little nuance to speak of.
Just what I expected - more of the same as ST09.

I'm all for high octane. I'm all for the new cast.

I hate sacrificing story for fan wank, which is where the first one went so terribly wrong. Such a shame.
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