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Re: Sydney premiere of "Into Darkness"! (no spoilers)

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Front of line with Therin.
Yes indeed!

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My slideshow of pics:

And my non spoilerish review:

Those who loved the last film should really enjoy this one. Those determined to hate JJ's efforts will probably be boasting how they knew it would be bad.

All performances were excellent, and everyone seemed to have plenty to do. Wonderful one-liners, lots of quirky little name drops for the diehards, glimpses of some very cool aliens and crewmembers - and I'm truly amazed just how many visuals and plot points and little surprises remained under wraps right up till the film started screening!

You could also see that the writers have been enjoying the fannish banter on TrekBBS for years, and numerous debates still going here were addressed in the film, and very well! Several plot points were turned on their ears, and while some were very predictable, others came out of left field. I had not guessed the real reason Carol Marcus screams in the trailer!

JJ actually asked us not to go blabbing about the spoilers, so I won't. I had a really great time and, on numerous occasions, I was literally on the edge of my seat. It was fun anticipating each beat with nickyboy and Jean Prouvaire (whom you might recall from the early days of TrekBBS) and none of us could believe we were really there. (I was told I was being given a free double pass for my "outstanding services to Australian Star Trek fandom since 1980". Coolness!)

For non-Star Trek cinema-goers, this is an action film with lots of witty lines and character arcs. I loved it, but you all knew I'd say that, didn't you. It's a fun night at the cinema and will withstand many, many repeat attendances!
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