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Re: The Definitive SPOILER Thread. Actual Spoilers.

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i've been looking forward to this movie soooo much. if it's actually confirmed that spock yells out "kkhhaaannn"!!!
Enjoy your re-runs then. But for those that are new to the franchise he's one of the best villians in all of Trek Lore - and much better than the Borg IMO.

I think the story will play out great and Abrams homage to old and new Trek. To new and old fans alike.

I suppose you also liked Enterprise finale, These are the Voyages?
was never really emotionally invested in "enterprise" so having the tng influence in the finale didn't really bother me one way or the other.

j.j. and crew went so far out of their way to establish a new universe and opportunities for the reboot that it just seems like a total cop-out to rehash the khan character. even if it is a different story.

now using section 31 and a rogue admiral marcus is a cool plot move.
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