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Re: The Definitive SPOILER Thread. Actual Spoilers.

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Damon Lindlelof trend:

If there's a secondary blond female character in one of his TV shows or films, she will have a secret paternal reveal that's treated as shocking but is ultimately unimportant or could have been known all along without any major difference.

Clair <> Jack's father in Lost
Charlize Theron <> Shitty makeup Guy Pierce in Prometheus
Carol Wallace nee Marcus <> Admiral Robocop in STiD

I mean, maybe it comes off as some bigger reveal in the movie itself, but since we already knew who she was for months now and since it doesn't sound like it would make much of a difference to the plot of the film if she was known as Carol Marcus all along, it just seems like a pointless thing to conceal.

It comes across like he keeps trying to have a big Darth Vader parental reveal but can't make it work.
Ah, thanks. Well, as long as it serves a purpose then I guess that's alright. It just seemed like a weird trend.
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