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Re: The Week I loved Legacy! [Skirmish]

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What did everyone find so bad about it?

I mean it was average but not terrible?

The only mission I found difficult was the ent era one where you had to protect Daedalus class ships

Dear god that mission. I restarted so many times it was insane. That being said, i had fun, especially that last level where you were rescuing all the fleets and they were helping you wipe out the remaining borg, very fun.

I have played the skirmish levels from time to time and it's been fun. Ive even found probably the only other person who was playing on xbox live for about 30 min.

How do you select the enemys ships from the skirmish menu? Ive been able to select mine, but im unsure how to select the computers...if that makes sense?
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