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characters getting stick for not being "perfect"?

I sometimes get the impression that certain characters come in for a lot of undeserved stick for basically just being human.
Riker gets called a bastard and other unflattering things by some apparently just because he's got a bit of a temper, can be rash and doesn't suffer fools gladly.
Kira's been referred to as a whining bitch for being angry and fucked-up (how could you be anything else with that kind of past?).
Keiko of course is a total harridan for daring to get annoyed with her husband on occasion. I could go on.

Looks like if you're a Trek character and you ever get impatient or stressed out or simply aren't willing to waste time on people who irritate you - in short act like a normal person - you get bad press from some quarters.
I enjoy characters like Kira, Ro Laren etc. the most precisely because they're not always reasonable. It makes them more lively and convincing.
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