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Re: arrrgh!!!!!!!!

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I am seriously getting sick of this. I am so tired of people talking to me like i am ignorant on certain topics when it is one of the few things that i actually know anything about. I'm sorry you think you're awesome and know everything, when really, you barely know of the topic in the first place. However, this is something that i've been researching independantly for about 7 years now.

But apparently that doesn't qualify me to know the basic history on it so i shoud just smarten up and listen to you oh so smart individuals.
That wasn't directed at me, was it?

Do you want to talk about it more?
Oh no, if it was i'd be a bit more discreet and pm you. And be a hell of a lot nicer about it cause i like you lol

It was more directed at people i work with who thihnk they know everything Back to i just really need to get out of this job.
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