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Re: why is there no more talk of a new star trek tv series?

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I'm fine without a TV series. I don't think we need Star Trek permeating all media again (even all of the fan films are getting to be a bit much). Let the current movies go on without competition from seeing Star Trek for free on TV.

Besides, it would just be one more thing to bitch about.
People will bitch with or without a new TV series, so that doesn't matter. Every Trek series and movie has its detractors.

But I do think a new Trek series has to be something different from the movies, in the same way (if not more so) than the upcoming Agents of SHIELD TV series will be different from The Avengers movies. Heck, it might be better if a new Trek series is in a totally different era (or universe) than the movies. There was a time when we did have new TOS movies while TNG was on.
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