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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

This recent episode was pretty good. Great character moments with Nolan and Rafe as they made their way through St. Louis and I like the friendship that seems to be developing between Irisa and the young deputy. We got some good insight into an alien culture and an interesting backstory into the Tarr family. Even the unnecessary (IMO) conspiracy story is moving along and doesn't seem to be plodding along to pad things out which one often has to be aware of in shows that juggle as many story arcs around as this does.

Yeah, I'm digging this show, it's pretty good. My only real complaint is how much longer is Mayor Amanda going to have her arm in a sling? Yeah, I get it, it's only a few days since the pilot and injuries take time to heal, so hoo-ray for continuity, I guess. But damn it, this is TV, where people are supposed to shrug off injuries that normally take weeks of hospitlization to get over. Still, when something so minor os my only quibble, I guess it means the show is doing something right.
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