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Re: Janeway vs. Nero

It was not armed to the teeth.

Maybe after wandering around as a pirate for 25 years, the weapons systems were off spec.

The Narada could turn off 23rd century shields because it's computers were faster and more intuitive, and it probably could just shoot through shields as if they weren't there if there computers were smart enough to figure out the shield harmonics.

Being 5 miles long didn't mean that the ship was powerful, it meant that the bugger was almost impossible to coverall with their shield, you know except that their engine and feul cells are from the late 24th century... It's a drill for mining a planet from orbit, they probably have to reverse some serious health and safter practices to trick the computer into thinking that it's okay to blow up a planet it should want o repeatyedly penetrat without leaving lasting environmental damage, but year a massive drilling beam, and storage to carry all the ore or what every they're mining unless other ships were supposed to charged with the responsibilities of haulage.

And even then they still wouldn't have been provided with militry grade shields becuase this ship is a mining vessel used for comerical ventures and were not designed to be taken into combat which means that they didn't have to make it espeically invulnerable at all.

Is there any evidence that this was a war ship expected to be taken into war and not a civilian utility vehicle in over it's head?
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