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Re: The Official "Oblivion" Review Thread

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Maybe we should try to get past the reviewers' effort to crush the movie and consider real questions instead.
I went to the theater. I bought a ticket. That's all i'm required to do in support of the movie. If I'd wanted it crushed, I wouldn't have gone.

Why does 52 leave, just to spend three years searching for the woman who was about a hundred yards away? Was this a plausible route to a satisfying happy ending, or bad plotting for a wallow in sentimentality?
Oh no...the real question is why does a VTOL aerospace craft have a tail rotor when it doesn't have a top rotor to create rotational torque?
To control yaw. The real problem is of balance, with only two engines balance would be a larger issue. Typically these types of designs at least have three similarly sized engines to form a triangle. That isn't any more correct than just having two but at least its more more balanced.
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