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Re: Better movie idea than Nemesis

^ Better yet, avoid all the technobabble completely. Either kill off Data or don't. I don't care either way. It was established he had an aging program, so if they wanted to keep the character around, fine. But if you're going to kill him off, just kill him off and be done with it. Make it a "blaze of glory" sacrifice, make it the final step in his quest to become human, make it a real emotional punch to the gut. But don't provide a nod and a wink type method of bringing him back in the next film that is about as subtle as a frying pan to the head.

TWOK/TSFS got away with it once with Spock. Even then, I agree with Nicholas Meyer that the "resurrection" of Spock in TSFS undercut the dramatic impact of his death in TWOK. Either way, though, once is enough. The "nobody stays dead in Star Trek" perception has been widely parodied. Nemesis didn't need to play into that.
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