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Re: The Official "Oblivion" Review Thread

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And Oblivion is not being singled out because it copied one or two movies. Again, I lost count listing all the movies it swiped stuff from in my head. An egregious offender deserves to be singled out and made an example of, whether you like the movie or not.
I felt it was quite obvious that these were homages, and not ripoffs. The sheer number of references (and obviousness) I saw means that he wasn't trying to get away with anything, he was merely telling his story. Just because his story takes bits and pieces from other stories doesn't stop it from being unique.

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Or, what does it mean that Oblivion's plot is far more like Impostor than Moon? (Impostor, a Gary Sinise movie where a heretofore unaware duplicate uses himself against the enemy.)
I too got an "Moon" vibe as well as the "Imposter" vibe. Actually, a lot of the film reminds me of Philip K Dick stories. The Imposter vibe hit me the most when I realized he was working for the bad guys, even though he thought he was doing good work. The "2001 Space Odyssey" bits were blatantly obvious (the ship was called the Odyssey). There are countless movies that I thought of while watching: The Time Machine (the blown-up moon), Omega Man/I am Legend (last man on Earth), Independance Day (flying up to the mothership with a bomb), Stargate (giant pyramid shaped space ship)... Even little things, like his Sky Castle having a distinct Jetson's feel to it.
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