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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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Why don't you try working your way up to a full-out messover of TOS?

Maybe start by giving us colorized versions of Ken Adam's charcoal artwork for the Bond movies first?

Or editing BIRTH OF A NATION so that the KKK aren't the heroes of the piece? Yeah, now that's a piece of revisionism that should go very well with how folks prefer to see history on their own terms instead of for what it was.
Why not? They're not holy relics and I don't have to like the end result. As long as the original prints/films are preserved, I don't care what someone does with copies of them.

With the latter in mind, why do you even want to see TOS again at all?
It's fun that technology allows our imaginations run wild. But I still revisit TOS about once a year.
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