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Re: U.S. air show cancels plans to reenact atomic bombing of Japan

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I'm sorry if you found my very simple question as insulting, I just skimmed what you said. It was meant as a simple question, just because you jump at anything and over think most things doesn't mean it wasn't.
More passive-aggressiveness. If you're going to apologize, apologize. If you're going to insult, insult. Don't do some dishonest half-assed hybrid of both and try to pass yourself off as an innocent just caught up in a misunderstanding of your own creation.

Oh and Count Zero, I'm not totally sure, it just irked me.
If it's such a simple question and reaction on your part, why can't you even describe what motivated it?

Here, let me take a stab at it. You're so incredibly defensive about anything that involves Britain that you leap to its defense without cause or rational thought, even when no one is criticizing it.

You did it a few months ago in the forum that shall not be named when the bank HSBC and its money laundering for terrorists and drug cartels was being discussed. No one was blaming Britain for it in any way, but you chose to get all huffy on Albion's behalf and lash out at Americans criticizing the bank by asking another "simple" unprovocative question (literally, you used those words to defend it) about the Americans who donated money to terrorists like the IRA, which presumes that the people criticizing the bank would hypocritically approve of that.

Now you're irrationally upset by me saying that we shouldn't celebrate terrible events like the firebombings of Dresden and Tokyo even if you think their use was justified by established precedent and the morality of the day. At no time was I critical of Britain or even talking about Britain despite their involvement in the Dresden bombing. I was talking about the actions of the US and saying we shouldn't spike the football and do an endzone dance (it's an American football thing) even though we "won," because the win came at such a high, terrible cost in lives. It was a dark day, and should be memorialized as such and treated with respect, just as the bombing of Coventry and the Blitz should, which should have been perfectly obvious from context to anyone not going off half-cocked and taking offense for no reason.

Remember that the tells, body language and some such that occurs when people talk in real life is no where near possible on a message board, all we're seeing is text.
You're absolutely right. Your dishonest attempt at playing the victim would be even more transparent in real life, and my body language in the form of a hand signal expressing my contempt for it would be much less TL;DR, because I know that's a big concern of yours.

Now, since I don't expect you to admit you were wrong based on years of seeing you snipe at people for absolutely no reason and then saying "Who, me?" when called on it, I'll let you get in the last word so you don't have to keep straining yourself by reading long posts.
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