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Re: 7x09 Hide - rating and discussion thread

Orac Zen wrote: View Post
You're good at making these absolute, unequivocal declarations. Last week it was the absolute, declarative statement that "no one cares" about Susan's fate; now this. Hilarious.
I'm glad it makes you laugh. It's not a declaration, though, it's an observation: a "power of love" ending is a situation where a problem is instantly solved through the magical properties of love. It's a deus ex machina device where feelings are used as a pseudo-justification for a quick and underserved resolution.

That's not what happened here at all: two creatures were in love, and they were reunited. Love was their problem, and it was not used as a solution at all.

So no, I don't agree to disagree. If you think I'm wrong and you want to talk about it though, I'm here.
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