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Re: When exactly did Marla McGivers die?

It doesn't make him a bigot if he values those qualities. It would make him a bigot if he discriminated against others
But obviously he does: he thinks people without those qualities (such as Kirk or McGivers) are dirt. How could that possibly not be bigotry?

This is BS. A group of people that small would need every individual's work output to stay alive, regardless of skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc. Any intelligent leader would know that.
Hardly. A group that small wouldn't need to be allowed to breed freely: selective breeding would be more than sufficient for the needs of the group, and the community would probably have to practice severe birth control anyway to avoid overtaxing the local resources. Perpetuation of the settlement would happen swiftly in any case, with 15-year-long generations of genetically healthy people filling all the required positions: any intelligent leader would start planning for the long term.

And the thing is, everybody on that colony would be an intelligent leader, originally. There'd be no followers. It would be in everybody's interest to subjugate everybody else. Preventing breeding is a soft way to subjugate; killing is a more workable alternative in the circumstances, though.

But Khan is not responsible for the decisions of Hollywood casting directors.
He's slave to them, though. And when Scotty says "They're mixed types - western, mid-European, Latin, oriental" yet all we see is generic "western" people, we are certainly entitled to jump to the conclusion that the "western" folks were the elite, and the Latin, mid-European, oriental etc. people we never saw were slaves Khan either did not bother waking up at all before he dumped the Botany Bay, or then sent on errands off camera and far away from the executive action he took.

DeSalle wouldn't have said what he did if Chekov had been aboard for years.
...Or if Chekov had been doing that "second Spock" stint on the bridge for years. So it does look as if he started out as Navigator (with a side job or two), in terms of starting his bridge career; whether he had a preceding career elsewhere, outside the bridge, remains to be established on screen.

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