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But there's something seemingly wrong with the TAS DVDs I watched... I don't know what term to use... Colorization? No, Color Correction? Maybe... Either that or my chromatic memory is going...

You see, as I recall the old TAS episodes, numerous ones had goofs like Kirk wearing a Red uniform at times... In this DVD release he's wearing the standard gold uniform... Maybe it's me or maybe my old TV set needed adjustment...
Most annoying for me was the Delta Triangle being changed from red mists to black space - but not when shown on the Klingon viewscreen. IMO the errors were part of the charm.
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2. Most recent theatrical...use TAS as "source material"? Abrams Et Al didn't even watch TOS, much less TAS! Unless you're reading A Lot into Spock getting bullied on Vulcan in that one scene....
The dialogue between "Selek" and Spock in "Yesteryear" is repeated by Sarek and Spock in the movie. It's clever, working out that Spock is telling his younger self what his father told him in the pre-Thelin, pre-"Yesteryear" TOS/TAS timeline - which is how it plays out in the STXI timeline also.
The 2009 movie has more references and callbacks to the entire Trek saga than any film before. Episodes, movies, novels (Vulcan lore from Spock's World and others, Kirk's father based on the version on Enterprise: The First Adventure and Final Frontier), games (the double-hulled design of the USS Newton) and even tech fandom (the Kelvin and spacedock were inspired by FJ's designs, that the arrowhead symbol is used on more than the Enterprise is supported by FJ's manual, the USS Kobayashi Maru was based on Roger Serensen's 1982 blueprint pack)

They didn't treat Star Trek like a historical document, but as a mythology. It goes without saying you disagree with the visual changes (which IMO don't really exist - we're seeing the same future through a different set of eyes. More on that HERE) and story choices, but they definitely did their homework.
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