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Re: Finale discussion thread (spoilerifictitle insided) *SPOILERS WITH

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I would love it if she was a TARDIS. (Of course, there would be endless fanboy jokes about getting inside, the inside being bigger, blah blah blah)

But, a humanoid as Tardis would be so weird on TV (didn't they do that on the radio stories?) that it would be fantastic.
Novels. Compassion was a human that was transformed into a TARDIS, and the eighth Doctor and Fitz traveled in her during a period when the TARDIS was destroyed.

Romana's insane third regeneration attempted to capture Compassion so she could give birth to a new race of humanoid TARDISes.

In the future of the War, the Time Lords bred humanoid War TARDISes to carry them into battle against the Enemy. Homonculete, a Time Lord from that era whom the eighth Doctor met in Alien Bodies, traveled in a humanoid TARDIS named Marie. I think she was a Type-104 or somesuch.
Sounds just as awful as i remember - hopefully, we never see any of that crap.
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