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Re: If Kirk were the Emissary...

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I think Sisko had more respect for the Bajoran religion than Kirk (or, for that matter, any other Trek captain) would have had. So Kirk-as-Emissary would have been a disaster, IMHO.
I dunno, Picard always seemed to have a huge respect for the Bajoran people. Definitely more than Sisko in season 1 of DS9.
The PEOPLE, yes. But Picard would have been more dismissive of the Bajoran faith. (ref. "Who Watches The Watchers?") Sisko would not do that.
Who Watches The Watchers is not a good exmaple of Picard being dismissive of faith. That example is a straight up misinterpretation, and the only thing Sisko would have done differently is not let Leland arrow him through the chest.

Also being powerful does not make you divine, it's not dismissive of faith to call them 'Wormhole aliens'. I'm not sure Sisko ever really accepted them as Gods, he just accepted their vision of his future. He always just saw them as very powerful and wise beings.
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