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Australians speak English, so that's somewhere I also consider since I'd adapt more easily I think. The only foreign country I've been to was Canada for a couple of weeks when I was 16 or so. If I did win a lottery, I'd probably relocate to another country just to see more of the world.
I'm sure quite a few of us might consider emmigrating if we won big on a Lottery, I mean I would consider it Canada, New Zealand or Australia do sound nice. But there is a difference between visting and living in another country. After all there is so much to consider, uprooting your family if you have one, leaving your friends/other family behind etc.. Are we moving because we thing the grass is greener?

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Well in that case the UK is the way to go since you can take a train to all of Europe !
That's assuming you don't mind rain 364/5 days of the year. Were a touch of snow brings the transportation network to a standstill and if the sun does manage to beat away the rain for a any length of time a hosepipe ban is put in place.
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