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Re: Why I Wrote A Mad Men Episode With Negroes, by Erika Alexander

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For a show that has wasted big chunks of episodes on Betty, there's no reason they couldn't have had an encounter with at least one or two "black" reps from other ad agencies. They did exist, even if they weren't commonplace...
That's true, they did exist. This Slate article quotes a contemporary survey (The April 22nd, 1963 issue of Advertising age) that:

...Just weeks after Martin Luther King was arrested in Birmingham, Ala., Advertising Age published the results of a survey by the Urban League that covered minority employment at Madison Avenue’s 10 largest agencies. “Urban League Hits N.Y. Agencies on Racial Discrimination in Employment,” ran the trade paper’s headline. Out of over 20,000 employees, the report identified only 25 blacks working in any kind of professional or creative capacity, i.e., nonclerical or custodial.
25 out of 20,000.
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