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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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Except from the data Soong found in the Klingon database the Klingons were aware of two inhabitable planets in the Briar Patch and they didn't move to take them, probably becuase it would be more trouble than it is worth as they would have to move ships into a difficult to navigate area where you have to travel a considerable distance just to communicate with the rest of the galaxy (so basically its Bumf@#k Idaho in space), and they only thing they would seemingly get from all the effort it would take to move in is some particles which go against their philosophy of dying gloriously in battle.

So no I really don't think the Klingons would bother with a backwater planet of little importance (to them probably) thats hard as hell to get to.
One does not have to inhabit the planets to claim them - much as you don't have to be on your land to claim it as property.
As to the notion that the klingons - or the romulans - won't claim VERY valuable real-estate such as M class worlds in their space as their own
So you are just going to ignore that fact that they seemingly had no interest in the planet and they did not do anything to use this supposedly valuable piece of real-estate or make sure someone else didn't use it behind their backs.

I think he would be more worried about how the federation's allies would respond to that fact that according to Dougherty the federation was going to horde this medical advance for themselves.

Yes, becuase de-aging people is so useful in a war with mass produced legions of shock troops that will kill the hell out of you within days of being born

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I got the impression that the Son'a left on their own.

nope, they were exiled when their attempt to take over failed.

which means we have TWO questions:

-how was their attempt to take over "thwarted" by Luddite pacifists
Simple they probably didn't have guns, as just becuase you don't like living in a luddite community and want technology doesn't mean you actually have it in a luddite community. And no seeing as they set out to make a no tech community I doubt they had guns on the ship or the necessary stuff to make them.

ok, so they didn't have guns at the time. They're still fighting PACIFISTS. How do you lose to pacifists?

And even if they didn't have guns at the time, what stopped them from coming back two generations later WITH GUNS?

It still doesn't make sense.
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