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Re: S.S. Valiant Appearance

I haven't really been too specific about what certain things are on this design, but there are some specifics. The small rectangular shape seen on top of the main hull and towards the bow (before it slopes downward) is meant to be the long range communications array, shown here in retracted mode. In this era there is no subspace FTL radio so when then want to broadcast or beam a signal back home a dish like array pops up and is aimed in the desired direction. Just aft of the LRCA (Long Range Comm Array) is a half cylinder looking part that is the housing for a retracted deep space telescope. I have a vague idea the ship's bridge is located between the LRCA and the deep space telescope although it doesn't protrude beyond the ship's main hull.

The navigational deflector pod on the lower support strut also holds the ships main space and planetary sensor arrays.

Of course the airlock on each side of the hull should be recognizable. The darker rectangle on the forward bottom of the hull is a bomb bay door setup where the ship's single landing craft is kept. The spar at the bow is a targeting sensor for objects to be destroyed by the navigational lasers, the nub on the upper side of the bow. The part hanging under the ship and just aft of the bay doors houses the ship's recorder marker.
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