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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

Melakon and Sojourner, thanks for the support, but this isn't a playground where we pull out and compare the size of our...accomplishments. I don't know if Mr. Nurdbol knows me, and I don't care. I don't know what he's accomplished in fandom, and, again, I don't care.

What I care about is how he's acting on this forum. I would guess that he thinks he's being persecuted and disrespected solely on the basis of his opinions and beliefs and that he's acting in a manner he feels is wholly appropriate and necessary. I would guess that he believes he's speaking necessary and blunt truths to the power of majority opinion and that we're just all so blindly accepting of the soulless, brainless product of the money-grubbing corporate overlords of modern Trek that we dismiss his opinions out of hand.

But he should realize that he's probably managed to alienate and anger most of the people he's interacted with in the short time since he’s appeared on this forum. This reaction to him, he should understand, is not because of his views but is because of the way he is expressing them. He should know that a diversity of opinion is present within the Trek community. There might even be some people that agree with him. But if he belittles and insults anyone who disagrees with or displeases him in the slightest, comparing them to sheep and calling them idiots and hacks, he’s unlikely to last long here.

Like a bull in a China shop, you’ve stirred up lot of trouble and opposition, Mr. Nurdbol, and some members might now have it in for you. Perhaps they will do all they can to provoke you into earning a ban. I suspect this has happened to you before, many times.

But it doesn’t have to happen again. We need various voices here, yours included. Maybe you think that being a martyr is the role you must play for your "cause." Maybe you enjoy being despised. Maybe you expect to go down in a blaze of glory. I don’t know. What I do know is that if you don’t want to be banned within the week, you need to learn to get along with your fellow forum members. If not, sayonara!

I fully expect you to ignore me or to insult me or both. Please prove me wrong.
"Jesus said the meek would inherit the earth, but so far all we've gotten is Minnesota and North Dakota." -- Garrison Keillor
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