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Re: Why I Wrote A Mad Men Episode With Negroes, by Erika Alexander

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But, beyond that, can't we give Matt Weiner the benefit of the doubt in assuming that this was a deliberate choice with no malicious intent?
Malicious intent -- or even conscious intent -- doesn't have to come into play at all, though. A creator can be unintentionally ethnocentric. It's human nature to think in terms of your own group, whatever group that may be -- and thus it is easy to find yourself, if you are white, only writing about white people, completely without meaning to.
My point was that I believe it to have been deliberate, but not malicious. You're positing that it was accidental.

I believe, based on how Weiner's slowly increased the diversity as the show has gone on, that it *was* deliberate. It's one way he's showing the changing of the times. It's one of the reasons why he chose that time period, and that group of people.

As for Weiner subconsciously making a show that's just about people just like him? Well, as pointed out, he's Jewish (shocker with a name like that, eh? ). And yet he created a show that started out without any Jews -that was pointed out on screen by a main character. And now, just like with the increased inclusion of women, and African Americans, and facial hair and sideburns, the characters seem to have evolved on the issue.

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...the issue is whether or not the show ought to have more black people.
No. Because that would be a different show.

Could it have been just as good or better if it had? Absolutely. But it's pretty good already, and it's not being at all unreasonable in how it is presenting the world, so what's the problem?

Also, just because I'm curious, do you watch this show?
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