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Re: Why is the Federation so dumb?

I like to fanon that Starfleet didn't get cloaking technology in return for the Romulans not getting matter/antimatter warp technology. That's why they use the artificial singularities.

But that's me.

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The Federation agreed not to use something they wouldn't use anyway ...
Excuse me, but the Defiant on DS9?
The Defiant was specifically stated to be a major departure from normal Federation tactics/ship design, created in response to the Borg threat. The cloaking device would just be another thing they were doing differently.

There were a lot of situation, not involving the Romulans (or even the Klingons) where a Starfleet ship would have found a on board cloaking device useful, and could have saved lives.
Maybe they figured they were saving more lives by not having whatever war the treaty was signed to prevent.
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