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Re: Why is the Federation so dumb?

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Well, we do know what the Romulans didn't have to give up ... cloaking technology.
And? That doesn't mean they gave up NOTHING.

We do know the Romulans, without provocation, had used cloaking technology before to enter Federation space in order to destroy several Federation outposts and murder untold numbers of its citizens.
And the Feds then did "The Enterprise Incident", capturing a cloaking device and a ranking Commander.

We do know the Romulans and Klingons entered into a loose alliance whereby the Klingons obtained cloaking technology and the Romulans got warp technolgy and ship designs, therefore, of the big 3 the Federation was the only one without a cloaking device.
The Romulans already had Warp, just not warships as powerful as Klingon ones. The Klingons got the better end of THAT deal.

We also know it prevented the Federation from developing ways of pro-actively being able to detect cloaked ships.
...No it didn't. They still worked on multiple ways of detecting cloaks (many of which work fine).

We also know cloaking technology could have non-military applications.

So on several levels it was idiotic and dangerous for the Federation to approve such a unliterally binding element.
It wasn't unilateral.

And, as you say, we don't know if any concessions by the Romulans were made because it was never mentioned, therefore, we cannot infer or give credit that any were.
We can't say they gave up nothing either.
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