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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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Unfortunately, come circa 1990 when Paramound began to consolidate its hold, Tech Fandom was kind of outlawed... These are the loons who ranted "Unofficial! Unofficial" over and over again, steering fans away (which is why, in fact, the C word was invented in relation to Star Trek)... You could say that everything ever established was wiped clean as though it never existed, since TPTB weren't making money from it... So new tech guys came in, and reinvented everything new from the bottom up, virtually ignoring dozens upon dozens of these blueprints and manuals...

Only a few brave souls like myself fully appreciate the intricacy involved and the flawless logic applied to Star Fleet's shipbuilding scheme... Todays fans just say there's one and only one heavy cruiser class and leave it at that, believing that The Star Trek Encyclopedia holds The sum total of all Trek Knowledge...
I wish I had your more in-depth knowlege of our rich fan-tech heritage. I've saved a lot of stuff from Cygnus, and it's great, but back when I was at the perfect age to devour and absorb it, I only had FJ and Michael McMaster.

I would think the studio drew lines in the sand for several reasons.

- Fan-sourced tech was created by various unconnected authors and sometimes contradictory.

- Some fan work was rough around the edges, lets say.

- If a studio production acknowledges fan-sourced tech, the artist might be just flattered, or who knows, he might want royalties. And that's a hassle.

- Abiding by fan tech would limit what new scripts could do, whereas new, official tech could be tailored to suit the story needs of whatever new movie or episode was in production.

- Making up new tech might actually have been cheaper than the continuity research and legal clearances needed to use what fans had created.

It was some combination of those things.

Anyway, it's back to head canon, because they can't force you to give up what you love or adopt what you don't.
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