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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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I'm not dragging Okuda and Jein in here because they are not the subject of this thread (and I wouldn't dare imply that you are accusing me of being, let's say, anti-Asian, either)...
Why are you bringing race into this? Don't attempt to portray yourself as the victim of an unfair accusation of racism. You know damned well that I didn't accuse you of that. That's a cheap play, and you know it. Shame on you.

But you definitely got Okuda on the brain.

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Post #93 of this thread: Dare criticize someone like Michael "4747 Anime" Okuda and that's heresy.

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Post #135 of this thread: Maybe because Okuda's the head honcho these days in "Treknicaldom" and FJ's contributions make His look rather unremarkable in the art department so it's best to Damn FJ to hell and keep his works well-buried, away from curious prying eyes of the new generation...
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Tell you what, you come up with a Star Fleet Technical manual, get it published, make it a best-seller, make it a milestone publication never before seen anywhere and revered by fans for decades...and then maybe I'll listen to you...
Holy cow! I Didn't Know Your True Identity Was Franz Joseph Schaubelt! It's An Honor To Meet You, Sir! I'm Assuming As Such, Because If, As You Say, Only Franz Joseph Is Worthy Of Being Listened To And That You Demand We Listen To You, Then You Must Be Franz Joseph!
You brought Okuda and Jein up... Coincidentally they, you, and Quite noticeably your Avatar have all these factors in common... Don't make a big thing over it, I'm deliberately trying to avoid specific names since this is, after all, a thread pertaining to FJ... I didn't expect you to hunt down and ransack old messages...
Consequently, the timeframe here is the early to mid 1970s long before your pals...

I'm portraying myself as a victim of unfair...WHAT?

Look: forget it! Don't read my messages and I won't read yours, agreed?
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