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Re: Kirk Enterprise - the Enterprise(a)?

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^^Although it does fit with Countdown to Darkness showing that there was indeed another Enterprise which really similar to the Constitution design likely before the 2233 timeline split.
April's Enterprise in that comic was a) built after Nero's incursion in the timeline, and b) looks almost exactly like the nuEnterprise, not the TOS one shown in the Enterprise history photos Decker shows Ilia. Even if we take the comic to be canonical, we still don't know if April's Enterprise exists in the prime timeline, or if it does, what it actually looked like.
Actually, they're not really very clear about when it was built. Yes, the flashback scene is set after 2233, but April's Enterprise was decommissioned two years before the "present day" of the comic, and 20 years seems too short a timeframe for a starship's service life. NASA's space shuttles lasted longer. April's Enterprise may well have been launched as early as the 2200s, and April says he had been a Captain for ten years when he first arrived at Phaedus, though admittedly that does not mean captain of the Enterprise the whole time.
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