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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

Lance wrote:
Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?
No. Sadly, however, The Next Generation's elevation to the silver screen was, by and large, poorly executed. So, in principle, TNG's promotion was a sound next step, but, in practice, turned out to be more failure than success. C'est la vie.

Samething goes for Enterprise. The premise of a prequel and temporal cold-war in and of themselves weren't bad ways to go. The executions of those ideas, however were not good.

Ultimately the mishandling of The Next Gen's big screen adventures and Enterprise's small screen exploits proved detrimental to the franchise as a whole. I believe They failed because of "attitude." An attitude of laziness and self-conscious disbelief in what they were doing which led to a collapse in the internal structural integrity of what Star Trek is, was and should be - that's were it all went wrong (by my estimation).

Even after saying that though, If I were to go back in time and had the power ... would I greenlight TNG going big and the creation of Enterprise? Yes, I would - because in both cases they were sound moves and could/should have come up aces.

In fact, I would say they beat the odds by failing. No series, either film or television, has ever enjoyed more good will and mass affection then these two projects wherein a lot was expected, too little was ultimately delivered, but much was forgiven ... making 2009's rebirth possible.

So, bigger picture, the journey from there to here hasn't been so bad and, come hell or high water, the company of "Star Trek" devotees has made it all a fan-bloody-tastic experience. No regrets. Salute!
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