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Re: Should I give Enterprise another chance?

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So I've seen every other Trek series (some multiple times) and I watched the first two seasons of Enterprise when it first aired, but then I lost interest. I just couldn't get into it, or force myself to care about any of the characters. But now I'm wondering, now that I'm older, if I might enjoy it more. Could someone give me some compelling reasons why I should give it another go? Does it get better after the second season?
I would yes for sure.....For me, as part of me getting ready for "STAR TREK INTO THE DARKNESS" I have made challenge to myself and other TREK fans to watch as much TREK as possible before May 17, 2013. I started with Star Trek Enterprise, since it took placed before the days of Kirk and Spock and it is the last of any of the television series. For me, I have enjoyed viewing Enterprise again on DVD. Since, STAR TREK ENTERPRISE was the first of any series to use CJI starships, where all the other series use models. This gave Enterprise, a great advantage when it came to battles in third season. The cast really worked hard to bring to us and an OUTSTANDING show with great performance by the actors. In fact, I just watch the last episode of Enterprise, and I know many fans didn't approve of this episode, but it was to a Valentine gift to all TREK FANS, by having the crew from Star Trek The Next Generation (Riker, Troi, and Data) on the last episode. Again, I thought this was nice touch to end the series. My suggestion is watch Enterprise, TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, and of course all the TREK movies as much you before "Into the Darkness" arrives in theaters in less than a month away.
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