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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

Great episode. The season premiere is now forgiven. This episode mostly focused on the workplace and what little wasn't was the result of the workplace.

Nice to see Bert's office. Very cutting edge for 1968.

I like that Harry has become more assertive because as he's said, he's earned it. The Harry of the old days of Sterling Cooper never would've taken this much initiative.

It's about time we got to see more about Dawn.

I did like CGC's pitch for Ketchup better than SCDP's. And now Don is a total hypocrite at work too. So much for loyalty to Heinz Beans.

I really, really, really want Don to get caught cheating with Sylvia. Megan needs to put that two-faced hypocrite who can't get his mind out of the whorehouse in his place.

It's been mentioned that Mad Men is about Don but this season he's my least favorite main character as well as the one I'm least interested in. Any progress he made during the fourth and fifth seasons is gone. And I know that's the point. He can't change his stripes, even though he once changed his name. When the only way Don can look good is if he's going against Herb, that's pretty bad.
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