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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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I saw the 09 debacle on a copied dvd my brother in law gave me because his buddy burned it for him and he didn't like it. I expect to see this new one in the same way, I will not spend a penny on it, there's plenty of sheeple to do that for me.
So you consider DVD piracy to be a legitimate way to fight back?
Wow, I can see This thread blowing itself out of proportion by a few light years...

All I'm going to say is that stealing is theft of property not copy of property, especially in light of NOBODY IS SELLING A COPY FOR A PROFIT...

I've taped All the Trek episodes off the air, ending with, well that horrible ending in a holodeck... Got 'em all on tape that way for my own private use... I'm no pirate, I'm not selling them, there's this thing about freedom of the airwaves, and nobody's gonna lock up Jamny Nurdbol for being a Crook for doing what everyone else is doing...
A copy is a copy, big hairy a tribble...
You are completely wrong.

Anyway, we've gone way off the rails from "How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?"

So everyone please relax, get back on the subject, or I will have to close this.


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