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Re: Kirk Enterprise - the Enterprise(a)?

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Do we know for SURE that the original 1701 was built in 2245? IIRC, there's no canon reference to the year that it was constructed.

In any case, even if it was built in that year in the prime timeline, Starfleet may have decided to build it earlier in the Abramsverse. The same ship, built in 2233 rather than 2245. Or something like that.
That's what I'm guessing. The Abramsverse Starfleet was on track to design the Constitution Class as we knew her UNTIL the Kelvin disaster (and the scans from the Nerada) forced them to scrap everything and start over from scratch. In the meantime, it was easy to slap existing Kelvin-era technology together in the intended configuration and launch that using the already-reserved names as a stopgap until the new Constitution v2 were finally ready. So April's Enterprise likely launched a decade early (2235), looking pretty much as Tobias Richter kitbashed her (check out the bottom three pics in the link):
Wow. I would have been totally okay with the Enterprise looking like that.
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